Shaktoolik Hounds – the fast sled dogs from Bavaria (Germany)

Christine &  Dr. Detlef Oyen

Borderrush 2013 Tag 1 Start


SHAKTOOLIK  has been the registered kennel name for our  Siberian Huskies. Today, it is a kind of trademark for the Scandinavian Hounds we breed and drive. 

We like to have dogs and to work with them. Dogs who are friendly and interested into people. Dogs who love us.  We like to have dogs who are trustful and who are easy to handle in every situation of our common life.

We want our dogs to like the daily work. They should know when we are satisfied with their behaviour and their performance. We want our dogs to love the work in front of the sled as well as playing in our common spare time.

We like to see dogs with an excellent anatomy. Dogs who are able to perform a long time with a high speed. Our dogs shall be willing to work as good athletes as long as they are properly kept, trained and fed.

The goal is an unlimited class sled dog team. The team shall be competitive on a high level. The winning of many races and titles proves that we are doing fine.

The joy of working and living with our dogs stands above all!