After long years of cooperation with another producer of high quality dry food, we change after the 2019 season to LIMNEA BESTCARE products. Limnea Institute works scientifically on dog nutrition for many years. LIMNEA BESTCARE offers a premium selection of finest dry food for all kinds of dogs in every age. Furthermore various supplements are offered. Thank you to Andreas and Kerstin Heisig for the support of my team in the future. Find out more: www.limnea-bestcare.de



MOYAVE VET Р devices for laser based acupuncture, frequency therapy, LED therapy.  Find a great number of LLLT- and LEDT- based systems for animal physiotherapists, alternative practioners and vets. The MOYAWE P45 Flat Pad is applicated in our racing kennel during training and racing period. MOYAVE P45 flat pads are innovative combination therapy devices which bring together red LED light and long-wave infrared heat based on hi-tech carbon.  Read more: www.moyave.com

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