March 2020

NT 2020 Stage 5 140 KB_red

The last highlight of a successful racing season. Norway Trail 2020, 4 th rank. The race was characterised in four out of six stages by a deep and heavy trail, due to abundant snowfall for several days. A perfectly organized race ‚Äď as every year.

Team: Harry, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Devil, Soul, Toivo, Reid, Brownie, Velvet, J.J., Happy


February 2020

EM 2020 Tag 2_red

IFSS European Championships in Asarna (Sweden). Category Unlimited Sprint. Rank 2

Team: Harry, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Devil, Toivo, Reid, Brownie, Velvet, Garcia, Prentiss, Happy

January  2020

Stage 5 Pralognan Team Shaktoolik II_red


La Grande Odyssée in the French Alps. Eleven days in a high Alpine terrain, 11 stages with a real tough competition, a marvellous landscape and a perfect organisation. The goal for us was to find out if we like this type of race or not. And we really liked it!  A very tough and demanding event. The team finished 4th.

Team: Harry, Ghost, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Devil, Soul, Reid, Orbea, Velvet, J.J., Prentiss

Summer 2019

We have got some puppies. They were not born in our kennel, they will bring some „fresh blood“. Moreover, there is a new yearling female.




Norway Trail 2019 – the third NT for us. The team set up is more conservative compared to the preceeding races. Only five yearlings, and two very experienced, nearly nine year old leaders. After two mediocre stages the team gets better from day to day. Fifth in the final ranking. A marvellous success. And once more, Norway Trail has been a phantastic race!

Team: Brooks, Harry, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Devil, Soul, Reid, Pearl, Merida, Brownie, Prentiss



Norwegian Championships mid distance Рtwo times 35 km. The team wins with five minutes advantage. 10 dogs, six of them yearlings. Team: Harry, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Devil, Toivo, Reid, Rossi, Orbea, Brownie, Prentiss




IFFS World Championships in Bessans (France). A marvellous race, a very good organisation and a huge Alpine scenery! The team starts with 12 dogs into the first heat. Unfortunately, Merida had to be loaded due to an injury after only six kilometers. The second heat is a clear runs, and the third heat is cancelled due to huge amounts of fresh fallen snow. World Champion unlimited class – second is Rudi Ropertz and third Egil Ellis!

Team: Harry/ Simplon,   Merida/ Merrel,  Brownie/ Garcia,   Jeff/ Velvet,   Devil/ Reid,   Kimi/ Toivo

The two leaders Harry and Simplon win their second WC after 2015.

My second team starts in the 8 dog class (driven by Malte Stodt) and places fifth – best German 8 Dog team. Could not run better in a WC!




Norway Trail 2018: Some of our injured dogs are back in the race. The team¬īs performance is the best of the 2018 season. 6th rank¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Team: Asics, Spade, Harry, Colnago, Ghost, Simplon, Kimi, Jeff, Pearl, Merida, Orbea, Emma

February 2018

Alpirace 2018_red

This month we start in the Alpirace Stage Race (6 stages with a trail length between 18 and 20 kilometer), followed by the IFSS European Championships in Millegrobbe, Italy (3x 25 km in a very hilly terrain). The number of dogs is too small for two tems in this racing season. In the EC, only 11 dogs are left. The unlimited sprint team places 2nd in both events.




The highlight of the 2017 season: Norway Trial.   The first real MD event with a hound team. A phantastic adventure with a good result: 5th rank, best rookie.     Team: Reto, Brooks, Scott, Spade, Harry, Basso, Colnago, Ghost, Simplon, Britta, Merida, Orbea



German Championships Sprint in Todtmoos. Both days with very warm temperatures. The trail was very bad and deep on the first day, rather good on Sunday. After a poor performance in the first heat the dogs did a real good job in the second heat. The result was a third place over all. The 8-dog team placed third, too.


january 2017


During my trip to Norway I had the chance to work with the MOYAVE VET therapy devices with phantastic results. This month MOYAVE VET and me start a cooperation. This is a big step forward concerning therapy and regneration of my dogs.

december 2016/ january 2017

We had four weeks of intensive training in Lenningen (Norway). Conditions were mostly very good. All the dogs are running fine and feeling good. Let us start into the racing season. Main goal is Norway Trail!

We have puppies! One male and two females out of our old main leader Clare. The stud was Jan.


IFSS European Championships in Savalen (Norway). Three heats, three days best time of all competitors. The SHAKTOOLIK unlimited sprint team is European Champion!      Team:  Brooks/ Pearl,   Asics/ Britta,   Ghost/ Colnago,   Spade/ Harry,   Scott/ Ecco,  Reto/ Basso


German Championships sprint in Unterjoch. The SHAKTOOLIK teams come in first and third in unlimited!


IFFS World Championships Sprint in Todtmoos (Germany). Winner of the unlimited class in a three days race of 20 km is the SHAKTOOLIK team. The distance to the second winner was three minutes. Leaders for all days were BROOKS and PEARL. They are littermates out of  Ringo (Ellis) x Ronja (Hiermeier).


Team:     BROOKS, PEARL, ASICS, ECCO, SCOTT  (Ringo x Ronja), BRITTA   (Ringo x Marte ), RETO (Finbeck x   Ronja), SPADE  (Reto x Birdie), HARRY  (Junior x Louise), BASSO,  COLNAGO, GHOST, SIMPLON, MERIDA  (Reto x Clare)



German Championships in Frauenwald. With two clean runs the Shaktoolik team won the title in unlimited sprint,


No Borderrush this year. The truck broke down on the highway on my way to Poland.


What a fine day. After six and a half day absence we got Merida back! She survived six cold nights in the snow.


Going to Norway today! The final preparation of the team for the 2015 season begins.


We got two new dogs: Kimi and Emma are stud fee puppies from Herbert and Heidi Hiermeier. They are out of Reto and Ansa. The breeder of Ansa is Pasi Heinonen.


First dog training for more that eight months. What a feeling!


After having a severe accident in Norway the coming racing season is over for me and my team. Severeal fractures and injuries in my knee and my ancle will avoid any sports for months.

may 2013

We have some puppies: 5 males and  2 females out of Reto and Clare.

march 2013

German Championships Mid distance  in Wallgau

Winner unlimited class with 10 dogs out of a pool of13 dogs (Clare/ Birdie РDuffy/ Nike РPearl Р Asics/ Britta РBrooks/ Scott РEcco/ Galway РReto/ Sven)

february 2013:

German Championships Sprint in Oberhof

Winner unlimited class Detlef Oyen with 10 dogs  (Clare/ Junior РBirdie/ Asics РBrooks/ Ecco РGalway/ Longford РSven/ Reto)

Winner 8 dog class Malte Stodt with our 2nd string team (Duffy/ Pearl – Nike/ Britta – Jan/ Scott – Beli/ Gunnar)


january 2013

Siegerehrung Borderrush 2013

BORDERRUSH in Poland: Winner in MD 12 (8 to 12 dogs in front of the sled out of a pool of 14 dogs). Four stages,  four  times fastest team. TEAM: Ringo, Galway, Gunnar, Sven, Reto, Asics, Brooks, Ecco, Scott, Junior, Clare, Birdie, Nike, Britta




december 2012:

Training in Norway for about three weeks. We use to drive distances from 22 to 40 km. The whole group of 21 dogs is able to run  mid distance. 18 dogs will make the unlimited team in the 2013 season Рdoes not matter if they run sprint or mid distance!