Dogs for sale

SHAKTOOLIK  is a small kennel. We have our litters in order to get dogs for the team of our own. From time to time it may happen that a dog or a puppy is for sale. We generally sell our dogs by word of mouth or direct contact.

We have always encouraged people to contact us to talk about what type of dog they are looking for to add to their team. With that information we determine which dog will be best suited for their needs.

Please contact us if you do not see a dog that meets your needs as we have dogs that may not be posted on our For Sale page.

Dogs for family and recreation

Some of our retired racing dogs would like to join a family! They are healthy, well educated and very brave dogs. And they all have a ind of pet dog heritage which enables them to enjoy a life in a house with a family.

The most important thing is the well- being of the dog in his new situation.

Racing dogs

- no offer

Puppies/ Young dogs

- no offer